A Sequence of Embraces

A Sequence of Embraces

by Irina Kuzminsky

I have spoken to the birds of Paradise

Why go there to seek the houri?
She walks beside you on the sacred earth.

I am air
I am the wind’s embrace
Warm breeze caressing skin
Zephyrs ruffling hair
Cold gusts sharpening minds
Storm winds to ride to your destiny
And whirlwinds to clear out your house —

May the winds come to you
From the North, East, West, South
Choose the wind your life needs
In your seasons of need
My embrace
The embrace of the wind

Not my embrace — but fire
Not my waves — but water
Not my touch — but air
That you may know the sacredness of earth

Embrace me and embrace soul
Lips to lips
Eyes to eyes
Awakening me — you

I embrace and assert what I am
Serving you serve my essence
Comingle with me and awaken into emptiness
Penetrate me and know your own depths

For I am She who flows
She who changes
I am She who awakens
Desire — Your desire for your

Be not afraid
To break all forms with love
I say —
Let nightingales sing in the rose of your heart.

This final service I have now performed
— so free me of embraces
Of all that I agreed to
before I came

Troubadours and troubatritzes have long sung
Of the secret
I proclaim: let love remove every covering
So shall I go naked
Into the rain
— And dance

Fill the core at my centre Beloved
And release the song in me
The dance in me
Thus centred and grounded
Words flow
Bodies flow
And I sing

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