I speak to you over cities

I speak to you over plains

My mouth is against your ear

The two sides of the walls face

my voice which acknowledges you.

I speak to you of eternity.

O cities memories of cities

cities draped with our desires

cities early and late

cities strong cities intimate

stripped of all their makers

their thinkers their phantoms

Landscape ruled by emerald

live living ever-living

the wheat of the sky on our earth

nourishes my voice I dream and cry

I laugh and dream between the flames

between the clusters of sunlight

And over my body your body extends

the layer of its clear mirror.

Paul Eluard

9 thoughts on “Absence

  1. In an effort to improve my French, not to mention my love of poetry, I have been discovering some of the French poets. Paul Éluard is music for the heart. It was sad to move from his earlier Romantic poetry to war time when he joined the Resistance and how it impacted the poet and his work.

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

    • Paul Éluard is one of the best contemporary French poets, among Breton, Prevert and others, you are fortunate can read then in French, unfortunately I so not know French and in translation usually form and music of it.
      I am sure I will enjoy it.

      • Actually, I am using French poetry to help me learn the language. Now I find French popping up into my own poems and even in notes to myself and friends!
        “Les larmes sont les pétales du coeur.” “Tears are the petals of the heart.” – Paul Éluard

      • Unfortunlately I only know English from European languages and can not enjoy the other poets in their original language, I know well the translation of poetry causes it lost some of it beauties in form and music but can not do anything I also love the poet’s you mentioned and thanks for your kind comment!!

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