Schiele’s Ghost by Reinfried Marass

Soooooo fantastic album!

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Egon Schiele
Schiele’s Ghost – Recalling Egon Schiele and The Wounded Woman
I was born in Vienna, but grew up in Neulengbach, a small town in Austria approx. 30 km west of Vienna, where also Egon Schiele has lived and worked and finally was arrested in 1912 for his erotic drawings and paintings, especially of young teens. And maybe, because of his excessive lifestyle with his girlfriend and Muse ‘Wally’…
The trial court with the infamous ‘Schiele-Cell’ still is there and now houses a tiny Schiele museum. The town Neulenbach is dominated by the historic fortress ‘Burg Neulengbach’. Located at the foot of this fortress (sometimes it is also called a castle) is the old main-square surrounded by a church on the one side and the district court on the other side. In between was the primary school building.
One day, while I attented the elementary school (around the age of 6 or 7 years)…

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