“I Like That You are Crazy Not With Me…”


“I Like That You are Crazy Not With Me…”


I like that you are crazy not with me,

I like that I’m not with you crazy, either,

That ne’er the heavy planet’s globe will be

Drifting away under our feet, quite easy.

I like that one might funny be and brave,

And free-behaved – and not to play words, rather,

And not to blush with choking a wave,

At easy touching just a sleeve another’s.


I thank you with my hand and all my heart

For loving me (that you don’t even know!),

For the sweet peace, I own in the night,

For the scarce meeting in the eve’s fast flow,

For our not-walking under the moonlight,

For our not-standing under the sun’s glow –

That not with me – alas – you lose your mind,

That not with you – alas – I lose my own.



Marina Tsvetaeva



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Русский: Категория:Изображения:Одесса (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The garden rang with music
Of inexpressible despair.
A dish of oysters spread on ice
Smelled like the ocean, fresh and sharp.

He told me: “I’m a faithful friend!”-
And lightly touched my dress.
How different from embraces
The touch of those two hands.

That’s how one strokes a cat or bird
Or looks at slender lady riders…
Just laughter in his quiet eyes,
Beneath his light gold lashes.

And the despondent voices of the violins
Sing out beyond the hanging smoke:
“Give blessings to heaven above
At last you’re alone with your beloved.”